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Aerospace engineering student takes off on an experience of a lifetime

When Nicole Gonzales learned of a summer study abroad program in England specifically for aerospace engineering, she jumped on the opportunity. “It’s not often that a university has a study abroad option for aerospace engineering, and it was in England of all places!” she shared.

This wasn’t Nicole’s first time in England. However, participating in the Fulton faculty-directed Aero-Mechanics in England program allowed her to stay in the country for an extended period of time and truly immerse herself in the culture of the country; something Nicole had never experienced before. She immediately began to pick up on the subtle differences between American and British language and culture. Most importantly, she gained new friends and a different perspective on life and the learning material. “I found my confidence, my voice, my strength, my belief in myself,” Nicole explained.

For those planning on going abroad, Nicole has a few tips. The first, pack lightly and don’t bring your biggest suitcase. “There were no lifts (elevators) in many of the underground stations, and cobblestone streets don’t agree with roller bags.” Second, you will probably contract a cold, but don’t let it stop you from enjoying your time abroad. Finally, spend a weekend taking a spontaneous trip with your friends to a new city or nearby country.

If you’re considering participating in a study abroad program, Nicole suggests you go for it. “There is truly nothing like seeing the world through new eyes in a different country…Try every new thing that you dare to, most of us only get this opportunity once.”

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